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Maddog tattoo studio is locate in Pattaya city since 1995 ,over 10 years experiences is the proof of our successfull. In 2007 we start the Pattaya tattoo club that been approve standard by "The ministry of public health in co-operation with Pattaya City".

Pattaya Ink Tattoo Studioicon

 6th door from the corner South Pattaya 2nd.road intersection

Tattoo Conventionicon

MBK. Tattoo Contest @ front of MBK. October 23,2015



Electrovoice party @ Burapa Pattaya Bikeweek Feb 15-16,2016 Party Time 0300 pm.-0600 am.

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James Maddogicon

James Maddog The owner of Pattaya ink Tattoo and Maddog tattoo He got more 15 years of experience of tattoo but now Retire 

Ton Thai Tattoo
Ton Thai Tattoo icon

 Tonthaitattoo the artist very good in Japaness stye  tattoo and he win many aword  from many tattoo convention 

Dong Eve icon

Dong Eve start from oil colour painter artist came to be Tattoo Artist ..With his own stye we call it  Neo thai stye tattoo  and many aword guarantee

Johnny Bambooicon

Jhonny Bamboo Master of Tradition Thai style tattoo thai we call it Sak Yant 

Tumthai icon

Tum thai tattoo his favorite black and grey tattoo and small job tattoo and he  aword from tattoo convention gurantee  


The artist for new studio Pattaya Ink Tattoo Studio

Turm Thaiteamicon
Boy from Thaivichit school of fine art he always get set for make tattoo on you

Real Madness Guy  he was tattoo worked in Canada for 1 year and many time in Korea


Tribal style 2nd runner - up @ MBK. Tattoo Contest 2010


Tun Tattoo alway punctiliously with tattoo .he got aword  2 price of the Pattaya international tattoo convention 2011 

koss icon

 Koss russian master  favorite realistic  tattoo and colour work....he got the 2nd price aword of small job colour tattoo 


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